“How to organise your time” part 1 – just do stuff

~by someone who’s not perfect at it

I am verflowery busy. I’m currently doing my A levels. I have things to do with friends. Or at least am invited places. I enjoy exercise. I like reading. I love drawing. I have things on at church every week. I spend time with my family.

There are things we all have to do regularly, so we may as well get used to them. I decided a while ago it was worth every couple of days transferring the pile of clothes that had built up on my chair back to my wardrobe. Otherwise it took what seemed like 3.7 hours to put them away a couple of Saturdays later. I prefer to do it this way, although some people *cough cough my sister* don’t seem to have learned that yet, or never do. Which is totally fine and absolutely their choice and it doesn’t affect me. (Unless I want to borrow a top from her room and can’t find it anywhere because it’s 2/3 of the way down the pile of her chair. Or could even be in the ‘sea of clothes’ surrounding her chair.)

That’s an extended analogy for getting things done. If we do tasks regularly they don’t build up so much and therefore we don’t dread doing them so much. Things that you might have to do every so often that could be done in advance, or not let till the very last minute are

  • washing
  • ironing
  • putting clothes away
  • account keeping
  • birthday presents
  • revision

The last one is particularly relevant to me at the moment as I go through my final year of school with lots of tests, mocks and exams. Having just been through a hard week of exams I know that revision will never be easy. However if it’s spread out and some is done everyday for a few weeks before it won’t be such a big job during half term the week before… *eeek*field.jpg

Find a way that is best for you to remind you to do the thing you have to do.

I’m avoiding calling them chores or jobs as that seems like something that’s hard work and not enjoyable. Not everything is a song and dance but there are ways to make it more fun. Watch something whilst doing 15 minutes of tidying your room, or look forward to a bath after filing your paperwork for the week. Try dancing and singing to something in a opera voice (or just loud). Trust me, it’s very freeing!

Write a list. It will keep you accountable and as David Allen, productivity guru, says ‘our mind is for having ideas, not holding them.’ When tasks are written down we can focus solely on what we have to do, not trying to remember if we’ve forgotten anything or deciding what to do next.

Finally, do it! There’s only one way that task is going to go away. By spending the time and the effort to do it.

You might not have to do that job (sorry, but I wanted to use another work than ‘task’) to perfection, right now, at this minute. If it’s tidying your room you don’t have to clean the windows and change your bed and vacuum and dust and sort out your clothes and junk in one session… Obviously it would be great if you did but there are ways to do what you need to do, and come back to it at another point to finish it off perfectly.

I hope this helps, or gives you some idea of just doing stuff. At the least I hope it kept you entertained. I enjoyed writing it! From me to you, goodbye, and I hope you visit my little space again soon.


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