post 2.jpgHave a go at some lettering. Calligraphy is a fine art, but you can get a good looking letter by using normal pens. Look up online some fonts, and try to copy them. Colour the letters, or just leave them black, and once you like the style you’ve tried, draw out the alphabet. Then you can try writing different words, like ‘Happy Birthday’, and send someone a fancy greeting!

Once you’ve mastered some different fonts, you can do anything with them! Look up some quotes, motivational, feel-good, & if you’re religious from your holy book, and try writing them on clean sheets of paper (using your new skill of fonts). IF you want you to add colour, or sparkles to make them more exciting to make and look at. Then fill your walls with your creations – you’ll be able to make the house look nice, see your own handiwork whilst filling your mind with memorable words. What could be better than that?!

If you can’t be bothered (though that’s not a very helpful expression!) to spend the time writing them out yourself, search for some quotes online that have been designed. If you have access to a printer, why not print them out – you could still stick them around your house. If you want to settle for something in-between (compromises are good sometimes – and here’s one…) get the image on your computer screen and place a clean piece of paper over the screen and trace over it. Use a pencil and don’t press hard. Turn your screen up to full brightness so you may be able to see the image a bit further away – JUST DON’T BREAK YOUR SCREEN!


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