‘Little things to do when you have nothing else to do’ no.1 – Declutter Checklist


Hello! Read to the bottom 🙂

  • Is this an item I use regularly?

If you don’t often use it, then maybe you can do without it. And when that time does come to use it, maybe you can borrow it from someone, or find a cheap version.

  • If not, is it something I love?

Sometimes we do have to keep things out of sentimental value. But just think whether it actually means something to you, and how you’d actually feel if you didn’t have it anymore.

  • Am I keeping it out of obligation or expectation?

Some things, like family heirlooms, we may feel obliged to keep out of respect. And other things, like some gifts, we may feel that to get rid of them would be ungracious. The situation is that you don’t have to choose to like a present from someone, and if it’s taking up precious space then maybe you can justify ‘departing from it’ (like the emotive language?!)

  • Do I feel that I should ‘love it’?

Ditto. (I just wanted to write that word! And I have used it in the right context. This questions is very similar to the one above…)

  • Am I saving it ‘just in case’?

We all have that feeling, and it’s not nice imagining needing something and we find we don’t have it because we ‘had a clear out’. Despite this, there will probably be items you have kept, ‘in case’. If you do, run through the other questions, and you may well be able to dispose of it!

  • Do I have multiples?

Because of the vast range of products available to us today there are lots of slightly different items that can do very similar actions. When you reach this question, be honest with yourself, and once you’ve decided that you have 2 (or more!) of something, get rid of 1.

  • Do I have something else that will do the same job?

Ditto. (Again!)

  • Is it something broken that I hope to fix some day?

Looking into the future it always seems like there’s going to be a lot of time. Truth is, there isn’t! Consider whether you have missed that item you were planning on fixing, and if you have, think whether it’s actually likely to be fixed. If you haven’t missed it, then it’s an easy decision – bin it!

  • It is worth the time I spend storing/cleaning it?

This task is to find more space and get rid of unwanted things, so anything that is wasting its time in your drawers should go. By the time you’ve reached this question it’s likely that you’ll have worked out what to do with that item, but it’s interesting to think about anyway!

  • Could I use this space for something else?

Ditto. (Third time- I’m getting good at this!)

I haven’t been very good at writing posts regularly because of such a busy life, so I think starting a ‘series’ where some of the posts have a theme will be helpful. It will make it easier for my to post more often, even if they’re short (and hopefully sweet!) Please tell me what you think, and if there’s anything you like to do when you’re bored, comment down below and I may use it in my new series.

Happy Reading!IMG_9345


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