Those Crazes

2016-05-07 14.39.24

All the time there is something new. Something that gives people something to talk about. It may be something to eat, to do, to see, to hear or to watch. It may not last long, but while it’s there, it feels important.

Loom bands were ‘so last year’! If you don’t know what they are – they’re circles of rubber which are ‘woven’ together and you can make bracelets or rings or models out of them. If you’re really intrigued look at YouTube, there’s so many tutorials! I really wasn’t interested when I heard first about them. For one thing, in the summer I had GCSEs to worry about and they were enough without being addicted to circles made from rubber! I also didn’t really want to become interested in what everyone else was. I thought that was a good reason for not buying some bands and was happy not to have the enjoyment. Until my sister got in the way.

We’d gone to stay with out Grandparents for a few days and she’d taken her loom and bands with her. We sat down one day; I was reading and she was looking through ย her colours. Suddenly, I got a flash of inspiration – there were some colours which go together so amazingly well and the patterns would look amazing and it would look so pretty and I want to try it… I love looking at colours and combinations so started to get excited when she handed me her box to have a look. She’d organised them into sections and I picked some out and asked her to teach me the easier bracelet. She did that. And I was captured!

When we got home everyday we would spend some time making new designs of bracelets and looking up tutorials on YouTube. For that summer it was so fun and we even sold quite a few and made profit from people at school! Looking back, it was a bit of a silly craze and we have quite a few bands left that haven’t been used. At the time though, it was something to do that you could actually do something with and looked nice!

2016-05-18 11.23.37It was probably just at my school but when we were in second year to eat raspberry flavoured blue sweets was the rage. They were sour and made your mouth blue – something that is very appealing when you’re 12! Near the school was an old fashioned sweet shop which sold these. People who lived in the town used to buy them and make classmates pay them for some. I only had a couple and they were nice… But I was never that fussed about the blue thing!

2016-05-15 19.52.36Further ago was the diabolo craze. If you’ve ever been to a park you may have seen entertainers playing with an egg-timer shaped rubber thing and a string with two handles on the end. If you haven’t take a look at some videos because there are some awesome tricks you can do! At school the playground became filled with young children trying to flick hard rubber things in the air. Most people were quite uncontrolled in their actions, so quite often there was a ‘head bump’ and ‘knock over’. I’d played with friends’ diabolos but didn’t have one myself so got one from my Grandma as a present. It was multicoloured and even had a DVD in the box so I could learn the tricks! I was so excited to take it to school. However, the day I went, they announced that diabolos were banned because they’d caused too many accidents. I was so sad!

Right, now, I’d better stop feeling sorry for myself! This was an unusual sort of topic to think about but I’ve enjoyed writing this!

Are there any crazes you remember loving? Or hating?

Keep smiling! ๐Ÿ™‚


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