Let’s go travelling

wing-221526_1920I’d love to travel. To see the world and to explore. Just something about discovering new places and seeing things of natural beauty in a different country to where I live now excites me. And all the people I’d meet on my travels would be so fun! This list is likely to change but for now here’s where I want to go and why…


Canada – 
there’s such a variety of environments there! I have quite a few family members who I’ve never seen and it’d be great to meet and get to know them. I’d visit the Niagara Falls to see the beauty of the natural rocks and water. The wildlife is amazing too, from Elk and Mountain Lions to Pelicans and Black Bears.



Israel – if it wouldn’t be too dangerous, I’d love to visit the ancient Jewish sites like the temple. I’d also walk along the dusty roads and see the hills where Jesus (as I believe) would have walked. To see places recorded in the Bible and be able to create memories there would be so exciting!israel-499050_1280

The Maldives – this collection of islands is located SW of India in the Indian Ocean. The sea is so clear and blue and I’d stay in a hut hotel. Some of the islands are so small you can hire a whole island on which to eat a meal! There are undersea restaurants, although the fish and sea creatures may be slightly distracting when eating!sea-1027983_1280

Australia – 
this is very far away and such a different climate and although there are spiders I think it’d be fun to visit the famous sites. I’d go to the Sydney Opera House, Ururu Rock (Ayres) and visit the capital, Canberra. The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest natural landmark and it can be seen from space! Trying to avoid being poisoned would be ‘interesting’ though… Oh, and cuddle koala bears…

India – this is a place of different cultures and lifestyles and from talking to people who have been a great country to visit. The people are friendly, and I’d like to see how the culture, including dress, is different to the Western world. India is an LEDC but becoming newly industrialised so lots of things are changing and improving. I love to draw patterns, and the henna that is done in India is so beautiful!

France – you gotta go to Paris. I want to see the capital and the famous landmarks and explore the museums. And I’d also like to go to Southern France to enjoy the beautiful beaches and more sunny weather. France isn’t far away from the UK, so having a change of weather just bey travelling on the (undersea) train is a good prospect!

Malaysia –  to go somewhere new. The capital, Kuala Lumpur, has the tallest twin towers in the world and most places in the city are accessible by walking. There are some lovely looking beaches in the Langkawi archipelago of 99 islands with white sand and coral reefs. I love trying new food and I would make the most of the asian food there is to offer all around the country.

New Zealand – Kiwi birds are so cute on photos I’d love to see them ‘in real life’! Did you know that the female Kiwi bird lays eggs almost bigger than any other bird (in proportion to their body size)? In terms of weather, there are extremes of hot and cold at any time of the year so it doesn’t matter at what time you  visit. In addition to this, there are just over 4 million people living on the two remote islands so the scenery is pretty unspoilt!

Canary Islands  – Apart from the fact that there are cheap flights from the UK, there are lots of things to do and experience there. In Teide National Park is Spain’s highest peak and also a volcano. On some of the islands are areas suitable to cycle along the coast, which is what I love to do. There are also islands known for scenery, an ‘escape’, beaches and landscapes.


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