Blossom shows that beautiful spring is on the way, a time of the year when most things seems happier and it’s easier to smile when the sun comes out!

One thing sixth form life enhances is the ‘keep going and carry on’ attitude. In September you’re thrown in the deep end and have to keep up with the piles or work and homework and personal study and still have a social life. I’m glad I have a strong group of friends out of school, or I may have become a social recluse.

Apart from the negativity, I’ve learned that it’s ok to have bad days and be upset. Sometimes it seems there’s so much to do and so little time in which to do it that it gets a bit much. The times people come in and have a cry is countless, but once they’ve talked to people it seems a little better and we carry on together. If we had to study at home all the time it would get really hard to keep going because of the amount of content we have to learn. Being in school and seeing everyone else doing it too and feeling as scared about exams as you do is helpful and spurs you on to get going.

If you do need to work and revise I suggest you go into another room away from chatting and talking. It’s so easy to say ‘you’ll switch off and work’ but when there’s laughing you really don’t want to be working.

3 reflection
Loving the #triplerelection

Take your self out for 1 hour to get some stuff accomplished then go and chill with a cup of tea. Which I would highly recommend at any stage of life if there’s the facilities!

Basically, keep going and try to enjoy the relaxation times. Organise some weekends off, so even if you have to work harder the next Monday you’ve had a break and something to look forward to. REMEMBER school isn’t the most important thing in life and A levels are only a stepping stone to something more exciting!

up tree
Looking up this very tall tree makes me relax…!




2 thoughts on “Persevere

  1. Thank you for posting this! I know that there are some days when I come from school and I am absolutely exhausted. I guess I burn out, especially by the end of the week. I never seem to have time to rest.

    But your post is inspiring me! Thank you very much 🙂

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