Crusts, oh crumbs!

Recently, I’ve been loving crusts. Warm and crusty (obviously), the bread smells delicious and feels delicious and tastes delicious. This is a big generalisation, but I don’t imagine that there are many people who come into the house to the smell of fresh bread… (better go and get my dinner, it’s making me even more hungry thinking about bread!) In our house we have a bread maker, and a loaf is made most days. Half wholemeal and half white, it is a small loaf, round with a tan coloured crust, usually light and airy (unless something goes wrong and it’s heavy and dense). We use it for toast or making sandwiches, and it’s a lovely texture. For supper sometimes (because you have to have something before you go to bed, right?) I just have a crust of bread, even without butter. I know a lot of bread probably isn’t a great idea, full of carbs etc etc, but some is fine and it fills you up a lot ; homemade bread is also great for you if you have children as you can decide how ‘brown’ you want to make it, and it doesn’t have loads of horrid chemicals! Recently on the BBC there was a series investigating how our favorite foods products are made, presented by Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey. One programme was about how bread is made, and it’s a pretty rigorous process! One example – they roll the bread into 4 sections, and bake it like that. This improves the crumb of the bread, making sure it doesn’t crumble so much when trying to spread things, like smooth butter, on it. Cherry also visited various people’s houses, asking them about their bread habits. And here’s a tip *never put your bread in fridge. It goes mouldy 6x quicker!* We don’t put our bread in the fridge, but I found it really interesting to find this out! Never a mistake I’ll make:) I also recommend that series, as you’ll learn what steps foods go through – chocolate is so cool! In the bread episode, gluten allergies are briefly explained, which I was glad to find out about! Finally, I have to apologise for the rather cheesy title – it popped into my head, I wrote it down and haven’t thought of a better one since! At least I’ve tried to be clever! image As I mentioned last week, I’m doing exams at the mo, and this is a photo of me doing some work. I love being organised, and have folders and books for each subject. However, when I finally finish my exams, I can’t wait to get rid of all my paperwork, and clear everything out. To get my head back to normal life rather than exam ‘stress’ will be a great change, and since I’ve only got two left, the one week I have left doesn’t seem like a long time! This post is two weeks in coming and totally not worth the wait. Firstly it goes off subject, and secondly it’s poorly written – so if you didn’t like reading it then I have full sympathies with you! I hope you have a great weekend, whatever you’re up to. Please feel free to leave me a comment! Keep Smiling! ;)📷🎵


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