Flowers and Photography inc. Pixlr

Wow, what a fast week that has been! 2015-05-26 20.12.52 The half-term holiday has flown by and I’m quite sad that I have to go back and do more exams. However, all this moaning isn’t actually going to help me and makes me feel more sad. So I’ll stop and think about nice things instead. 🙂

Recently, I’ve found that I love photography, and absolutely adore taking photos of flowers. I don’t have a great camera, and use my phone, although that’s pretty decent and I can get a macro setting to make it easier to take close ups. A few years ago I really wanted a ‘clicky camera’ so started to save up for one. Then I got a phone and soon realised that the pictures I wanted to take and what I would use them for would be fine to snap on my phone instead. There went the plan of getting a proper camera out of the window. (For those of you wondering, a ‘clicky camera’ is a camera that makes a nice noise when the shutter closes. Basically, it’s a digital SLR, but my dad has one of these and it had always seemed like a ‘grown ups’ camera that takes good pictures – and in a child’s mind, it seems like every camera that makes a ‘click’ when taking a photo is a good one!)

Flowers can be found in many places around you, even if you live in the city. I live in the countryside, with a garden full of flowers and plants (my mum likes gardening) and around me if I go for a walk the fields and hedgerows have many interesting perks of nature to be seen. Even if you live in the city there will be pots or plants around you, and if not, then go to a flower shop, buy some not-too-expensive-ones-otherwise-it-may-be-a-waste-of-money, and take a few shots of them yourself.
I find it very theraputic to observe the flowers, and when I’ve got a great picture (or at least that’s what I think) it is such a good feeling. I like to take photos of anything from different angles as this can give the object a whole different look, and sometimes you can be surprised by what you see! (I have been known to lie on the floor to take a photo, but I’m not saying everyone has to get down so low; you could just take one from behind, or get half the object in the image.) ~~~ Even better than buying pre-grown flowers, buy a plant pot and some seeds and grow them yourself. You will find a lot of fulfillment when you see them start to shoot up!

Many people take photos, so sometimes it can feel like there’s not really much point in having a camera – until you think of the beauty of nature that you can capture. If I feel a ‘bit down’, sometimes I look through all my photos, having a close look at them, and even editing the, adding effects, or words over the top. I think that seeing the things that make you happy is a great thing to do, so I suggest you have a flick through your albums from time to time, spotting the photos and remembering the time you captured them. 2015-05-26 20.26.37
On the subject of editing, I use an app on my phone, which can also be used online, called Pixlr Express. I love it as it’s super easy to add the preset effects, as well as the simple adjustments that can be made, such as cropping or brightening. Putting text on a photo is easy too, with a great range of fonts indifferent styles. These together can change your photo into something that looks much more professional. Of course, the lighting from nature is the best, but it can be hard to find a good light to take the photo in. Have a play around with the different tools to see how different you can make your photos look – selfies or photos you take with your friends look even cooler with effects too, and this app is great for collages!

This is probably all I wanted to write about this topic, and to be honest, all you probably wanted to read. So I think I’ll stop here before you go seriously mental at all my ramblings of nonsense – at least, though, it’s shorter than my previous post, which was over 1000 words long!;)

I hope you have a great week, whatever you’re doing. Work hard and keep smiling! 



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