Pizza Express

We all love this restaurant and we usually choose it as the place to go for our birthday meal. The food is delicious, the service is good, and what’s even better is that you can pay using Tesco vouchers. Every time you buy something in a Tesco shop, you are given a certain number of points, which add up and up until you can exchange them for vouchers. For example, you need 250 points to get £10 to spend at Pizza Express. Since Tesco is one of the main shops we use for our shopping, it’s a great way to go out for a cheaper meal! My favourite starter at Pizza Express (from now on called PE because it’s lots of effort to type the whole ‘two words’!) is the Classic Italian Antipasto, which I share with my family. It has warm dough sticks, with peppers, olives, meats, cheese and the such like and is such a joy to eat. There’s plenty of chewy mozzarella and that dipped in olive oil and a bit of sundried tomato and dough stick is just so amazing… We also share a portion of Doughballs, which are balls of dough (well, duh!) with a dip of garlic butter. It is an original taste and one I always would love more of. I think there are 8 to a portion so they an also be shared amongst the group, but are quite filling if you’d like to eat them on their own! (The dough is lovely and squidgy and tastes so good and warm and I could eat it forever…) Doughballs are part of the children’s menu too so can be enjoyed by the whole family, which is another reason why I love this restaurant! At the moment, the main I choose to go for is the Pollo Pesto pasta dish which, as the name suggests, features pesto. I have always found basil a tasty ‘leaf’, and recently I discovered red pesto – which has the addition of tomato, tasting less of basil but still clearly pesto and still delicious! The sauce is lovely too… (Running out of adjectives :/) I think salad is great, so if I have a pizza I usually choose the leggera option which has a whole in the middle filled with a variety of green leaves, and I really enjoy that! My sister always choses the classic Margherita pizza and currently isn’t very adventurous, although I have to agree that PE’s original pizza is still very tasty, and the thin base is so crisp without being at all dry. If we have room, we then advance to desserts, one of the most hard things to choose. It’s not that the selection is meagre, far from it, but that everything tastes so amazing! The Chocolate Glory is an ice-cream sundae, with chunks of chocolate fudge cake (yum), and that was my childhood favourite. Last time we visited the restaurant I thought I’d try something different and opted for the Vanilla Panna Cotta. It is served with a few raspberries, mint and a chocolate straw, all perfectly complimenting the perfectly smooth, wobbling mound on the plate. I would definitely recommend it, and I think next time I may have to choose the same thing… Overall, I can’t think of anything that I haven’t liked about PE – they even have gerberas in little vases on each table, and they’re such pretty flowers. Especially as you can use Tesco Clubcard Vouchers to pay for your meal I think you should give it a go. It’s not the cheapest meal out but the food and service is just as expected and I’m sure you will want to go again for more! That has been quite a long post, but one I have really enjoyed writing. Just typing my thoughts (even after a big lunch) makes my mouth water, and it’s my birthday in a few days so maybe we’ll be going there again soon?! I’m currently at Grandma’s house and are having a lovely holiday, even though I have revision and school work to be doing… I hope you have a fabulous week and if you’d like to recommend anywhere to go for food out then I’m more than happy for suggestions! image On Saturday we went for a lovely walk in the countryside, and this is just a photo from it. It’s so nice to be out in the fresh air, and to be enjoying it with family! 🙂


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