What to read… & playing tennis

I wish I had more time to play tennis. I used to play it every other week with a small group of children and it was so much fun – that was in the days of going straight from netball to tennis, having a bite to eat in the car, when our homework levels were basically nil.

Beat the teacher was the favourite game to play at the end of each session- hit the balls over the net into the opposite court and try not to be caught out by the other players! I’m very competitive so love this game, and it definitely helps people’s coordination ( & catching!).
Going to these sessions helped me to improve my serving skills and it’s such a good feeling when you do a good one that goes straight in the box! (It enabled me to play with the older ladies which is also fun, and I always enjoy playing a couple of sets!)

However, sadly, the Wednesday session had to be stopped as there weren’t enough people coming along to make it worthwhile. I guess it was a good time as my work load has dramatically increased now, but still sad…  :-\ It’s not all bad and depressing as I still play sometimes in the holiday with family, and my dad has had a few skills lessons from me- they’re always hilarious!

Wimbledon is a great competition held in London every year, and I love listening and watching it. One day I’d love to go and watch the players live. It would be such an atmosphere, and I love watching their ‘moves’!

Reading is another hobby I have, which is so relaxing and has the amazing ability to transport you to another world; my sister gets so involved in her reading that we really struggle to get her attention, and it can be a problem!

I’ve always loved reading, and my mum taught me some things before I started school. I think that probably helped me as it meant I was ahead of the others in my class and that gave me confidence, just to keep reading and reading harder books. Again, I have a lot more on in my life than I used to do don’t have so much time to sit down and read. (Every day we spend about an hour reading the most important book ever, the Bible, as I believe it tells us everything we need to know from God.) Sometimes I read a book before bed, and when I do it’s such a great feeling!

Here are a few recommendations for children & teen reading
1. The Artemis Fowl series, by Eoin Colfer – 10 + reading, fantasy and adventure, have read the whole series (multiple times!)
2. The Hetty Feather series, by Jacqueline Wilson – different to the rest of her books, realistic historical novels set in Victorian era.
3. The Slated series, by Teri Terry– great for 14+ , set in the future and very gripping books!
4. For younger readers, Jeremy Strong’s books are well worth reading and are such a laugh!
5. Little House on the Prarie, by Laura Ingalls Wilder – great for ages 5+, and perfect for bedtime reading!
6. Geek Girl series, by Holly Smale – a model who was spotted ‘by mistake’, but is very clumsy. Good,fun story lines, and Holly even wrote a World Book Day one recently! For 11+
7. Journey to the River Sea, by Eva Ibbotson – girls who live in the Amazon. Interesting story and explores different cultures, recommended for 7+.
8. New Scientist Magazine – I find it really interesting to read and find out about different discoveries!
9. Ruby Redfort, Don’t Look Now, by Lauren Child – taken out of the Clarice Bean books, a girl spy who’s very clever, and I was so happy when she wrote this book! Good for 10+ readers.
10. Winnie the Pooh, A.A.Milne – this is the classic series that I have enjoyed reading for many years. The original illustrations stick in one’s head, and the animals are such fun! I think children should hear these stories from birth!

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post, and find it useful! If you have any more suggestions, please comment, and I hope you have a great week!



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