Springtime & Paddington

Actually when I sat down for this post I wasn’t really sure what to write, probably because I sat at the computer and thought ‘Let’s open WordPress’!

Spring is my favourite month, as it’s when many flowers come out and the grass and trees become more greener. It’s when the whole earth is coming alive again and the sun makes its appearance, quite nice when it’s warm! I love daffodils, the yellow cups with different coloured middles, ‘Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze’. (Daffodils, by William Wordsworth) I also love poetry and at the moment in school we’re studying many poems by a variety of authors and time periods and I enjoy reading most of them! I’m fact, recently I took Carol Anne Duffy’s ‘Hour’ and made it into a song which was great fun…

However, it’s not always sunny and today it’s really grey and rainy outside! Totally off the subject of spring but we’ve just watched the film Paddington and it’s so good!

The animations and combinations of bear with real humans is amazing and I love the storyline… Even the back story is interesting and it really adds to the books (which I read a very long time ago!) There were quite a few moments when I laughed out loud because something was so funny and silly, and the Browns are a typical family. I really recommend it for a watch as a family film, but also with just children or adults too! Recently it came out on DVD and it’s quite good quality…

So I’ve decided that’s it for this week and I hope you have a good one next week!

I love this photo which I took when it was sunny yesterday- as mentioned earlier, aren’t daffodils lovely?!



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