Drinks (of the hot variety)

I love drinking warm drinks, mostly in the winter otherwise it’s too hot! A few years ago I went off tea and didn’t drink it for ages and thought I didn’t like it at all – however a few months ago my friend persuaded me to try it again and now I love it! It’s just so warming and delicious… In the morning I love a large mugful, as it’s just lovely and warming and it just slips down my throat – I’m really not a fan of water for breakfast! My favourite tea is PGTips and usually I use the one-cup teabags as they’re just strong enough for one large mug, and as I normally make it for myself I don’t need double the amount of tealeaves… http://www.pgtips.co.uk/product/detail/294104/one-cup-100-tea-bags

Flavoured tea, but only Twinning Blueberry or Spiced Apple & Cinnamon, are delicious and another option to having plain hot water. To be honest, I don’t think that flavoured teas have much flavour to them, so I leave the bag in my cup to brew for up to half an hour – that might sound crazy but then at least I can taste the flavour of the fruitiness! http://www.twinings.co.uk/tea/fruit-herbal/blueberry-apple-20-tea-bags

There’s also another warm drink I’m absolutely loving at the moment called Silver Tea – it’s nicer than it sounds. All it is is hot water and milk, and you can use whatever kind of milk you like. I love soya milk to make this drink, and adding a bit of cinnamon or nutmeg (or both) makes it just a bit more flavoursome. I’m not sure why it’s called silver tea and I’ve looked on Google for it and can’t find anything about it… Anyway, if you like hot drinks and don’t like hot water on it’s own (like me) then silver tea is the one for you (and you only need a splash of milk)!

Coffee also has to be mentioned although I’m not such a fan of the instant stuff – filter is great though! I do know that too much caffeine isn’t good for you (it’s common knowledge) and you should try not to get addicted to it! My favourite of this kind is Douwe Egberts Ground Coffee – tastes lovely and rich (and for a treat add a dash of cream 😉 ) http://www.douwe-egberts.co.uk/products/ground1/brick-packs/cafetiere-blend/

Drinking Water is the best drink you can have as much of your body is made up of water; the recommended amount for women is 2.2 litres and for men it’s 3 litres. Try and spread the water throughout the day, and if you have other drinks, intersperse them with water. I’ve found when drinking more H2O my body has felt a lot better and I’m less likely to get headaches! My favourite water is from ice-cold coolers, but you can buy it here at http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/tesco-price-comparison/Mineral_Water/Evian_Natural_Still_Mineral_Water_2L.html

That’s it for now and hopefully I’ll be back for more in a little while (there’s been rather a long gap since my last proper post!) Have a great week!




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