This week has been quite a busy week (I guess it always is anyway!) as I’ve had a bunch of mocks that I didn’t heavily revise for, and am learning a French aural test for next week. The exams went ok, but when I’d done my last one I felt so happy and relieved! I feel I should have done a bit more revision but was ill last week so lay on the sofa ALL week basically doing nothing!

Exams are funny things, the actually room and time I mean. Everyone files in silently, walking through rows of desks and chairs, finds their name card and sits down. Then listens to the examiner. Then all open their papers at the same time (apart from the Wally who’s just pushed their whole pencil case unzipped onto the floor making a massive crash and commotion!). About five minutes before the end ~ and about 30 mins in maths ~ everyone is either leaning back on their chair with their arms folded or slumped over their desk with their head on the table, just chillin’ (apart from the person who wasted so much time picking up the contents of their pencil case and is now running late). It just amuses me and I thought I’d share it!

I’ve found this really cool website called and it’s really fun to play around with, whilst actually helping! At the moment I’ve set it to send me a weather report for the day every morning at 6am and also to post a ‘word for the day’ every Saturday morning… and I have yet to see if it works! I love playing around with different settings and exploring new things so this was a great website to find! You can use it for ‘proper productive stuff’ like posting a Bible quote to Facebook every day or turning lights on in your home at 6.26pm… and maybe when I find time I’ll have a real mess around and come up with some helpful ‘recipes’ (that’s what the conditions are called). That was a really complicated way of saying I’ve found a cool website, go and check it out at !

Better go and sort my supper out and get to bed, so tired this week and I’ve had a good ramble on here now (which always helps to relax me!)

A few drawings and doodles I did last week. Drawing relaxes me and it's quite easy just to sit and do!
A few drawings and doodles I did last week. Drawing relaxes me and it’s quite easy just to sit and do!



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