*The Issues* of Procrastination

Isn’t it such a good feeling when you start doing a task? And then complete it, knowing that you now have one less thing to do? So why, then, do we find it so easy to put something off?

I have friends who could win Procrastinating Championships, and it doesn’t bother them if they go to bed and know that they’ve still got to do something! One can put off the housework, schoolwork, arranging events, anything really. And sometimes it can feel amazing, like you’re in control. But it’s not really that great a thing to do. With me there gets a point (after not too long) where I feel I just need to get it done.

Anyway, the definition of procrastination is ‘the action of delaying or postponing something’. When looked at, it’s clear that it’s not a good way to be productive, and in this age many are wanting to increase the work they get done, and how efficient are in their day to day lives. However, with children and teenagers surrounded by more and more technology, the art of procrastination becomes easier. 60 years ago, school children came home end had to get out their papers, do homework and revise, and then if there was still enough daylight they could go and play outside with their friends. There was quote often a physical separation from playground and workroom, which helped the families to control what got done.

Now, someone can chat to their friends, play games over the internet and enter a whole world from the comfort of their own room. Work seems much less appealing if you could sit at the same desk and have fun with friends over Facebook. I think this issue should be addressed in schools. When given revision tips and plans, young people aren’t always being told to switch off technology. And if they are, no-one is told that they have to get around the situation of putting things off. So lots of pupils do and miss revision for tests. And homework. And learning. All because they couldn’t make a difference between playtime and space and workspace. 🙂


This is my lovely Geneva watch, which is really comfy and also has original flowers on. I chose it for this post as procrastination is about the delaying of time… I try to avoid it, and also like to look at my watch!


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