Cookies, the Millie’s type

I love baking, and although I don’t have much time, when I do get the chance I love it so much!

Last week we had a holiday and I baked some cookies, as recently I’ve had a craving for them. I found this recipe and loved them instantly. When baked they are soft in the middle and kinda chewy on the outside – you do, however, have to like sweet things if you want to like these! Another time I think I will use less sugar (and hope the consistency doesn’t change with it!). I used less chocolate chips than the recipe said, but there were still plenty, and they were in the oven in 20 minutes. And that’s including weighing the ingredients! Next time I make these cookies, I’m going to use Smarties as they taste amazing and also add a nice bit of crunch! Mini Smarties would be the best but I’m struggling to find them at the moment… :/

This is the recipe and the photo that’s taken the day that I made them, just before I showed them to my family. ~I actually made them whilst my sister and mum were out, and had cleared away before they came home. They didn’t suspect anything until I brought them out at lunchtime and it was a great surprise!~ 

Please have a look at this recipe, try it out and tell me what you thought…and if you tried any variations on it. Or found any more cookie recipes you recommend. Or you don’t have to say anything at all!



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